About Studio 76 Jiu Jitsu

About Studio 76 Jiu Jitsu Las Vegas

What is Studio 76 Jiu Jitsu Las Vegas?

Studio 76 Jiu Jitsu Las Vegas is the premiere Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school and training center in the Las Vegas Nevada area. Head instructor, Raul Jimenez, is among the most decorated jiu jitsu athletes in the entire world.

Our whole family trains Jiu Jitsu at an extremely high level. We encourage all families to train together, grow together and stay together like us. Whether you have never practiced martial arts, are a seasoned competitor, or just looking to lose weight we are one of the best academies in the world.

We guarantee you that you will reach your goals with us and faster!

Our BJJ Academy Makes You:

TOUGHER: Mentally and physically, it prepares you to overcome challenges in life and sport.

SAFER: Widely considered the best self-defense system, it provides confidence in a world with the realities of bullies or attackers.

FITTER: Building aerobic and anaero­bic conditioning and incinerating calo­ries, you will be exercising more often and with more intensity. Plus, it’s fun, dynamic, and even ad­dictive.

BETTER: Its life lessons and character-building qualities not only you a better athlete, but also a better father, employee, wife, leader, and friend.

Join us and change your life!

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